Commercial Equipment

The Chicken and Rib Units are our largest and our most versatile cookers. Whether you want to do pizza or prime rib these are the cookers that can get the job done.

We offer three sizes that are towable units which also could be made to be stationary in a cook shack. These units are designed to cook and hold the whole meal for the caterer that needs to cook for large numbers at a location site, or for the concessioner at the large festivals or state fairs that need to produce large quantities of food for the public. Churches, restaurants, and farmer’s markets are more places that these units would make the process of cooking large amounts easier.

The units are built with the highest quality materials and standards in the industry. The convection ovens have rotating baskets that can smoke with the optional smoker.

So, if you are the serious caterer, a restaurant owner, a concessioner, the committee chair on the churches fundraising dinners, or a vendor at the farmer’s market selling your smoked jerky, these are the cookers you want in your corner.

Remember if you want large quantities and consistent quality these are the units you need.

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