Mobile & Towable Grills

From our SMALLEST Towable Model 4828 to our LARGEST Model 1240 including all sizes in between, our BEST SELLER remains the Model 7240. With over 20 optional features available these grills are incredibly versatile, capable of handling almost any cooking task! Our grill models are identified by their dimensions. Example: the 7240 measures 72″ long by 40″ wide.

We offer BOTH Charcoal Models (C) and Gas Models (G) with the gas units being the Most Popular! Constructed from durable materials such as Black Iron and Stainless Steel, our Stainless-Steel Models are NSF approved.

“The thing I love about the Holstein grills is the versatility. I cooked pancakes for breakfast with the pancake griddle option, hamburgers and steaks for lunch and rotisserie chicken and smoked ribs for dinner with the Chicken and Rib Rotisserie option. I have also used these grills to serve a five-course meal! I replace a cooking grate with the stainless steel Double Boiler Steam Holding Pan and within 8 minutes, I have boiling water to serve clams for an appetizer. Later I use the same water to boil lobster while I cook steaks. Baked potatoes and corn are cooking on the other side. When Holstein Manufacturing added the Rear Mounted Utility Stove option my life got even easier! Heating soup and boiling fish and seafood on the stove just magnifies the versatility that was already in place. I have not found a better product!” – Bill Wall of Billy Bones BBQ, with over 250 barbeque awards and a loyal customer of Holstein Manufacturing for over 30 years.

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