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a leader in commercial grill manufacturing and development

Nearly 50 years ago, to promote the Midwest pork and beef industry, we began manufacturing the first towable grill and hog roaster.  From day one our expectations were not to simply offer a manner in which to ‘cook meat’ but to create a product that delivered grilled and roasted melt in your mouth flavors for any item placed on a Holstein Product.

This starts by developing cutting edge commercial food equipment, made of stainless steel and/or black carbon steel. State-of-the-Art engineering and fabrication, quality parts, and materials, with the experience of men and women who use the products in their own back yards.

NSF and UL Certifications are another indication of our commitment to excellence. We go to extensive lengths to ensure each of our products are certified, high quality, dependable and reliable.


The right answer when smaller backyard grills are not big enough

These Professional/Commercial (Country Club) Grills are ideal for larger gatherings and we offer them in multiple sizes to meet your needs. They are designed for Charcoal or for Gas units. The heavy-duty construction lends itself to any application, from personal uses, rental companies, catering business and for the company employee cookouts.

Traditionally, we offer the Charcoal units in two sizes and the Gas units in three sizes with options available for both. Upon inquiring and pricing we can make these units in customized sizes.

So if you need something for the steak fry at your country club, the high school athletic concession stand, the family reunion, or the caterer that needs to rewarm smoked ribs at the location site, these are the units that will do the job.

  • Heavy 14 gauge or 304 food grade stainless steel construction
  • Removeable black iron or stainless steel grates made from 5/16” solid rod
  • Cooking grates adjust up 6 levels in 1” increments for all charcoal units
  • Solid welded on handles for moving them around, on charcoal units
  • Removeable round steel pipe legs (easy to loosen and drop legs for transporting and stacking multiple grills).
  • Stainless steel grills are NSF listed
  • Mounted on caster wheels


  • Pneumatic Wheels
  • Flat steel plates with holes to bolt down to a cement pad or the floor of a trailer.
With over 25 model of Towable grills to choose from, we’re sure we have one for you to get the job done.

From our smallest Towable Model 4828 to our largest Model 1240 and all the ones in between, our best seller continues to be the Model 7240 and with over 20 options that can be purchased to go on these grills there is very little that can’t be done on them. Our grill models are determined by the measurements: 7240 is 72” long by 40”wide.

The grills are offered both in Charcoal Models (C) and Gas Models (G) with our gas units being the most popular. They are built in Black Iron and Stainless Steel, with the Stainless-Steel Models being NSF approved.

Our Sweet Corn Roaster and Potato Cooker is the food concessioners answer.

Corn on the cob and baked potatoes serves the health-conscious public with a choice for something different and not deep fat fried. Who doesn’t like an ear of sweet corn all year long, so the demand for this commodity is always good. No matter where you may go; at a County or State Fair, Town Festivals, Flea Markets, Ball Parks, Farmers Markets, or even at a road side stand people will line up to experience great tasting corn and potatoes.

We offer three sizes that are towable units which also could be made to be stationary in a cook shack. These units are designed to cook and hold the whole meal for the caterer that needs to cook for large numbers at a location site, or for the concessioner at the large festivals or state fairs that need to produce large quantities of food for the public. Churches, restaurants, and farmer’s markets are more places that these units would make the process of cooking large amounts easier.

The units are built with the highest quality materials and standards in the industry. The convection ovens have rotating baskets that can smoke with the optional smoker.