Pig Roasters

Pig & Hog Barbecue
Roasters & Pig Rotisseries

Holstein’s pig rotisserie and barbecue roasters are ideal for large events, commercial catering, businesses and even residential use. Our barbecue grills that come equipped with the pig rotisserie feature function as a regular grill and a rotisserie roaster. This means you can slow cook a whole hog at one time or use the lower grilling grates to grill chicken, pork chops or other foods. The pig rotisserie turns at a slow and steady pace for even and thorough cooking while maintaining most of the flavor and juices from the meat.

"Trade in your old grill for a brand new pig rotisserie or one of our barbecue roasters. We can custom build almost anything." We want to do business with you here at Holstein Mfg!!!!


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