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Model 7230G Towable Grill Football Grill for Tailgating


This football grill is available in two college football teams Iowa Hawkeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers but we can customize one for your favorite team. The Towable "Football Grill" is ideal for the ultimate tailgating experience.

Grill Dimensions and Features

  • Total length: 150' x 12'6'

  • Total width; 60' x 5'

  • Grill height 37"

  • 24" x 48" grilling area

  • 3 burners

  • 2 propane tanks anchored to the trailer by Yellow goalposts

  • Fenders guard the football, with the kelly green grass marked with 100 yards of yardlines

  • This Model embelishes the college football look with white stripes on one half of the football

  • Stainless steel grate

  • Stainless steel shelf with footballs cutouts

  • College team cutout of the mascot on the lid of the grill

  • Team helmet on the door that opens to light the pilot light and clean the grill

  • 5/16" stainless steel rod

  • Specially designed spring assisted lid lifting mechanism

  • Thermostat, Robertshaw Gas Valve, Fisher Regulator, and pigtails

  • Chrome rim tires

The football grill without options is painted brown with white stripes and white laces - Price at $5500.00

If you would like the grill as pictured, the total cost of the towable football grill is: $7300.00

Get your grill for high school, college, and pro sports!

The football helmet  with favorite teams log is: $400.00
The cutout logo of any college or pro football team: $400.00
The removable stainless steel shelf with custom football cutout: $350.00
The painted fenders with kelly green grass and painted white lines and yardlines: $500.00
Yellow goal posts to hold propane tanks:  $200.00

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