Sweet Corn and Potato Roaster

Holstein Manufacturing is a family run business, that has been in the industry for over 40 years. Our commitment to quality and dedication to customer service is evident in every piece of equipment we make. Our goal is to meet and exceed all of our customer's expectations through the development of quality barbecue and trailer equipment. check out a few of our other Products Country Clubs Towable Grills 800-368-4342 • hmi@holsteinmfg.com • www.holsteinmfg.com BAckyard Grills 12/2017 Instructions for Operation Preparation of Unit: The Units are tested, greased, and oiled before they leave the plant. Customer should check before using the Unit. • Oil the chain with food grade oil (corn oil or vegetable oil). • Lubricateall bearings inside the roasterwithmultipurpose syntheticgrease. We use Molykote from Dow Corning (G-4500) • To reach all the bearings the rear door must be raised, the drive chain must be taken off, the two chain guards on and near the motor need to be removed, and the two bolts holding the cooking chassis inside the stainless-steel cabinet must be removed. The two bolts are located on the right and left side, near the bottom where the corn falls out. • When all the components are loose, you may partially remove the chassis from the stainless-steel cabinet by pulling out the chassis. Once the chassis is exposed you can lubricate the bearing with a grease gun and synthetic grease. • Check the fuse in the switch • Open 100 lb. propane tanks completely or if natural gas open the valve. Unit Operation: • Unit requires electricity to rotate baskets. • Flip on switch for baskets to operate. • Make sure automatic trip bar is tipping baskets and bend to appropriate angle. • Turn on both 100# gas tanks • Turn the gas valve button to pilot, push in and hold so that gas goes to the pilot light. Light pilot light with a match and hold in the button until the thermocouple becomes hot (about 30 seconds). • When the pilot light stays lit turn the gas valve button to on. • To regulate temperature, turn the thermostat button to correspond to the desired temperature (500 degrees F. for corn & potatoes). • Each rotation is 27 minutes, corn takes one rotation to cook and potatoes two rotations. Maintenance of Unit: • Oil chain daily. Place oiler over chain in holders on rear door and let food grade oil drip on chain or rear sprocket, one revolution. • Lubricate bearings weekly. • Gas valve maintenance: • If for some reason the gas valve doesn’t release the gas, tap on the case to get the gas to flow. • Clean and redrill runner pilot so it stays clean when problems arise. • Best if unit can be stored inside and out of moisture. • Pilot light/thermocouple and thermostat may have to be replaced periodically. • It’s good insurance to keep a pilot light assembly, thermostat, gas valve and a gear motor on hand as they are self-generating electronic devices and may go bad at any time.